White-collar cases, such as embezzlement, are among the criminal cases that can be taken on by our Oregon lawyer. We identify such cases to be a minor case or a major one depending on the nature of the case. They can be a fraud against an employer, individual, or a corporation. Since such situations are liable to have mistakes committed due to the involvement of money, the defense should consist of experts who will handle it responsibly. Contact our top appeals lawyers today to review your case.

Portland Federal Civil Appeals

Another area of experience that we offer at our Portland federal appellate law firm is that of civil cases. These cases may vary from environmental law to medical and business disputes. With brilliantly planned and executed briefs and oral presentations, our lawyer strives to help our clients with their appeals. Generally, winning an appeal against a white-collar crime and particularly, winning an appeal against embezzlement charges, requires the expertise that we offer. The free and confidential consultation that we provide is an additional advantage for our clients seeking legal help.

The Brownstone Law offers their clientele unparalleled legal services that supersede those of others. As a proof of our abilities, our experience boasts of success in federal appeals processing (in spite of the federal issues that exist) as well as exceptional appellate court presentations.

If you believe there were errors in your trial proceedings, or that your legal representation was incompetent during your trial, you have the right to file a post-conviction petition with the Portland Court of Appeals. We will work diligently to overturn your conviction or attain a new trial. In the event a post-conviction petition is denied, we can file a writ of Habeas Corpus under constitutional law 28 U.S.C. 2254 for criminal appeals, or under U.S.C. 2241 for federal criminal appeals, and proficiently represent you before the Court of Appeals. (888) 233-8895